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Dauntless: How to Get Blaze Orbs & What They Do

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Dauntless: How to Get Blaze Orbs & What They Do

Developed by Phoenix Labs, Dauntless has finally left the beta stage and is now officially launched. In the game, you’ll be able to explore a beautiful world while hunting down large, impressive monsters. Here’s how to get Blaze Orbs and what they do in Dauntless.

How to Farm Blaze Orbs in Dauntless

Orbs are a form of resource or currency in Dauntless, and you can get them by completing virtually any activity available in the game. For instance, you’ll get a few for each hunt you complete or each monster you slay.

Blaze Orbs, however, are a specific type that can only be gathered in certain ways. They can be obtained by completing story and side missions in Dauntless, but there’s a faster way to farm them.

To farm Blaze Orbs in Dauntless, you’ll want to complete Blaze Patrols. These have a Threat level ranging from 4-7, so you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared to take on quests of this level before diving on in.

To start a Blaze Patrol, from the map screen, you’ll see a list of available patrols for you to choose from. Each patrol sends you out into the wild, where you’ll have to defeat a Behemoth. Blaze Patrols will see you taking on either a Charrogg which has a recommended Power Level of 150, the Embermane that weighs in at 200, or the Hellion at 275.

Unfortunately, you don’t have the opportunity to choose which of these Behemoths you’ll take on during a Blaze Patrol, but the rewards for completing it are certainly worth your time. You’ll receive 10 Blaze Orbs, four Skybloom, 200 Rams, and four Ironthistle for your troubles. These will all come in handy for crafting and upgrading your gear, so be sure to stockpile them.

For instance, picking a Blaze patrol will reward you with 10 Blaze Orbs. The first six patrols you complete for each day will also give you a bonus reward of 10 additional Orbs, so these are definitely worth doing.

What Blaze Orbs Are Used For in Dauntless

Blaze Orbs are one of the most important resources in Dauntless as they’re required for upgrades for the different weapon types in the game. Once you have enough Blaze Orbs, head over to the Weaponsmith Wils Bormen in Ramsgate, and you’ll be able to start upgrading your weapons to make them stronger. Alternatively, speak to Moyra Heigsketter to upgrade your Blaze armor.

Specifically, Blaze Orbs can be used to upgrade your Blaze weapons and armor in Dauntless. Weapons and gear pieces with other elemental types may require other types of Orbs, such as Neutral Orbs, which we’ve broken down how to get here.

And that’s pretty much all you need to know about how to get Orbs and what they do in Dauntless. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our Dauntless guide wiki, or check out some of our most popular guides down below.

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