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Battalion 1944: How to Strafe Jump

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Battalion 1944: How to Strafe Jump

Having a good command of basic movement in Battalion 1944 should see you through most battles, but taking the time to learn some of the more nuanced aspects of traversal in the game can take your performance to the next level. Here is how to strafe jump in Battalion 1944, which is a specific movement that can add speed and distance to your jumps.

How to Strafe Jump Battalion 1944

As we mentioned, the purpose of the strafe jump is to achieve a greater distance for every time you jump, and without causing as much slow down. There are actually two different strafe jump techniques: standard, and a modified strafe+crouch jump.

The idea of a strafe jumping in Battalion 1944 is to incorporate the mouse into your jump direction, which has the effect of increasing the distance. Here’s how it works:

First, use the ‘W’ and ‘A’ or ‘D’ key to move forward diagonally in the direction of where you want to jump, but do not look in this direction. So you should be moving in a peripheral direction. Before you hit space bar, make sure you are using ‘CTRL’ (or whatever key is assigned) to sprint. While in mid-air, whip the mouse around the look in the direction you’re jumping.

For something more advanced that extends the distance even further, you can work in the crouch button. It’s just a case of hitting ‘C’ just after you’ve completed the exact same steps as listed and you should get more air.

The strafe+crouch jump is an advanced technique, though, which will require a bit of practice before you’ll be able to effectively use it in combat.

That should be everything you need to know about how to strafe jump in Battalion 1944. For more coverage, including useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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