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Division 2: What the Max Gear Score Is

what max gear score is in Division 2

Division 2: What the Max Gear Score Is

What the Max Gear Score Is in The Division 2

Last Updated: April 9, 2019

As you’ve likely already picked up on while playing The Division 2, each piece of gear you collect along the way has a gear score. Once you reach the max level cap for your character, gear score becomes increasingly prevalent as a means of determining just how powerful you are. Here’s what the max gear score is in The Division 2.

At this moment in time, it looks as though the max gear score in The Division 2 is currently set to 500. Having played through countless Strongholds at WT4 difficulty, dabbled in the Dark Zone, and generally sunk our teeth into the end game content, the highest gear score we’d come across was 450. However, following the release of the World Tier 5 and Tidal Basin update, this was raised to 500.

That being said, some players over on The Division subreddit have started claiming that they’ve seen higher gear scores knocking around as they’ve been playing. Some believe that the recalibration mechanic within the game may see some stats bleeding into higher scores, though whether this is intentional or a bug remains to be seen.

As such, the current soft max gear score is 500, with a hard cap currently unconfirmed. Who knows, perhaps Ubisoft dropped this mechanic into The Division 2 so players could get themselves prepared for World Tier 5 when it drops in the near future.

How Is It Calculated?

There are two factors that affect the Gear Score of any item in The Division 2. First is the power of a new item, which is determined by a “player’s maximum attainable average item power based on all items owned, and source power” (what World Tier difficulty or level you’re playing a mission on).

This is then combined with the quality (color) of an item, which determines how many components it has (which can be modded), and if it has any talents.

Gear Score combines these two stats together to give an item an overall number that makes it easy to see how your new drops compare to your existing setup within The Division 2’s end game environment.

How to Increase Gear Score in The Division 2

max gear score in division 2 world tiers

Gear Score is essentially calculated by all of your combined equipped gears’ scores. As such, to increase Gear Score, you simply need to get weapons and gear with higher scores.

Gear drops are based on your character’s highest possible Gear Score. This means that you can run a low-level loadout, and still have a chance of getting gear drops that would increase your score. In other words, all items in your inventory or stash are taken into consideration when it comes to gear drops.

Specifically, it’s also worth noting that playing missions or bounties on higher difficulties will grant you a better chance of picking up drops that’ll increase Gear Score.

The best way to increase Gear Score in Division 2, however, comes from the World Tier difficulties. Each tier has a Gear Score max, which indicates the very best score you’re going to get from a gear drop when playing at that specific tier. We’ve included all of these down below.

  • World Tier 1 – Max 300
  • World Tier 2 – Max 350
  • World Tier 3 – Max 400
  • World Tier 4 – Max 450
  • World Tier 5 – Max 500

As such, if you’re wanting to give yourself the best chance to hit the max Gear Score in The Division 2, you’ll want to try and grind as many activities in World Tier 4 as possible.

That’s all you need to know on what the max gear score is in The Division 2. For more tips, tricks, and guides for your mission to save the capitol, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Division 2 guide wiki.

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