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Life After: How to Get Blueprints & What They Do

Life After, blueprints

Life After: How to Get Blueprints & What They Do

How to Get Blueprints & What They Do in Life After

Survival games continue to be a hugely popular genre of video games, especially when they incorporate a post-apocalyptic zombie theme, too. Little wonder, then, that LifeAfter has found a substantial audience on mobile. After tearing it up in the east under the title The Day After Tomorrow, the game has now made it to the west, and it’s proving equally popular. Here’s how to get blueprints & what they do in Life After if you’re just getting started in the game.

Blueprints are used for researching new items, which is done by interacting with machines found throughout the game.

There are a few different ways to acquire blueprints. Let’s run through them all.

Weekly Events

Weekly/limited events are represented by the icon you can see on your screen that looks like a cluster of balloons.

When you click on that tab you’ll see the dates that the event is running. The events will give you tasks, which you can complete and then exchange for rewards. The rewards are resources, which can, in turn, be used to purchase blueprints. Players are limited to four blueprints per day.

Shopping for Blueprints

An alternative way to get blueprints is to purchase them from the shop. The cost of blueprints varies from day to day — but it’s typically around the 3-5,000 mark. Either way, it’s not a bad price, given that gold isn’t a particularly difficult resource to earn throughout the game.

Daily Rewards That Give You Blueprints

Players are given daily rewards each day, which typically comprise a random bunch of resources. Sometimes, however, you’ll be given blueprints.

Book Tabs

Elsewhere, you can complete book tabs to accumulate blueprints. These are another form of tasks that reward blueprints. Just go through them and tick off each task to receive various rewards, sometimes including blueprints.

Once you have them, you’ll want to learn them to garner upgrade points. These can, in turn, be used to upgrade your weapons and items.

12 v 12 Event

You can complete a 12 vs 12 event, which can be undertaken at any time. The issue is that you need 24 players to actually complete this event. But as long as you have the numbers, you can always rely on it for a chance to score blueprints. The event can be completed four times per day, and it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose — you’ll always receive a bunch of rewards.


LifeAfter has achievements that you tilck off throughout the game, and when you reach certain milestones you’ll be given rewards. Rewards typically comprise gold, cash, and blueprints. You’ll often get huge amounts of them here, but it takes time to accumulate.

You’ll need to click on the tabs around this menu to check which tasks you need to complete to knock off these achievements.

That’s all the information we have about how to get blueprints & what they do in Life After. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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