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GOG Unleashes RPG and Strategy Game Deals with Its Spring Sale


GOG Unleashes RPG and Strategy Game Deals with Its Spring Sale

As winter draws to a close and spring begins to bloom, GOG is ready once again to celebrate the changing seasons with a Spring Sale. Nothing honors the season of greenery quite like an opportunity to save some green while purchasing video games.

This year’s Spring Sale focuses on RPGs and strategy games. While gamers can find deals on stellar action titles, such as Dead Space ($4.99) and Dead Cells ($19.99), the sale puts games that give players hundreds of hours of content front and center.

Even though the recently-added Diablo isn’t part of the sale —but at $10, it doesn’t need a discount— GOG still slashes the prices of a whole host of RPGs. These include Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition ($9.99), Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition ($4.99), and the fantastic The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year Edition ($14.99). Even the infamous Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines is a steal at $4.99 since the GOG version comes with unofficial patches that fix the game.

On the strategy side of the Spring Sale, GOG has plenty to offer. Some of the sale’s more noteworthy deals are BATTLETECH ($23.99), Frost Punk ($17.99), and the classic Dungeon Keeper Gold ($1.49). The sale even includes strategy/RPG hybrids such as the Shadowrun series, each entry 75% off.

While this year’s Spring Sale doesn’t provide any freebies or GOG Connect titles (yet), it brings a bunch of Flash Deals to the table. Every twenty-four hours, gamers will find a new set of six discounted games. While a GOG representative confirmed that currently-discounted games won’t receive lower Flash Deal prices, patient gamers will be rewarded with lower discounts near the end of the Spring Sale.

GOG’s Spring Sale will only last until March 28th, so pay close attention to the site. You never know if something you want will pop up in a Flash Deal.

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