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Division 2: Beginner Tips & Tricks


Division 2: Beginner Tips & Tricks

The Division 2 Beginner Tips

Choose Your Starting Perks and Skills Wisely

Division 2 Beginner Tips

Looking for some Division 2 beginner tips to help you on your adventure to save D.C.? Look no further.

Early on in the game, once you’ve established your Base of Operations at the White House in The Division 2, you’ll be able to choose your first skill. These are essentially gadgets that you can carry with you into battle to give you an advantage.

To start out, we definitely recommend taking either the Drone or the Turret. The healing variant of the Drone is extremely helpful in allowing you to regenerate your shields in the middle of battle, and you can also direct it to your teammates once you’re all healed up.

The assault Turret, on the other hand, is fantastic for providing cover fire in battle. Similar to the Drone, you can direct it at any enemy within your line of sight and focus fire on that target. It’s more than capable of taking out weak enemies on its own, and can also be a distraction against tougher ones.

As for perks, we’ve made a short list of the best perks you should get first in The Division 2. To start, though, make sure to get the Accolades perks for a big boost in experience points gained.

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