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Devil May Cry 5: How to Switch Arms

Devil May Cry 5, how to switch arms

Devil May Cry 5: How to Switch Arms

How to Switch Arms in Devil May Cry 5

All three characters in DMC 5 each have their own unique fighting styles. Nero has the ability to swap arms known a Devil Breaker, which grant him all sorts of unique abilities. If you don’t know how, here’s how to switch arms in Devil May Cry 5.

Nero has tons of different Devil Breakers to choose from, and it’s important to learn which specific arm to use in certain situations. If you’ve equipped the wrong one or you just want to use a different weapon, you can still do it during combat.

However, it’s worth noting that there are only a few ways you can do this in Devil May Cry 5:

  • Drain its energy by using it in combat against enemies.
  • Destroying it completely by blowing it up.

You can destroy your Devil Breaker by either getting hit while using it or using an incredibly powerful Break Away attack that deals massive damage at the cost of Nero’s arm in Devil May Cry 5. To activate this special move, simply tap the L1/LB button to do so.

There’s no other way to switch arms in Devil May Cry 5, so you’ll have to get used to breaking Nero’s weapons. Luckily, you can collect items known as red orbs that increase the number of how many arms he can carry on the battlefield. You can also get Devil Breakers as you progress through the game.

That about wraps up everything you need to know about how to switch arms in Devil May Cry 5. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for our expansive wiki. We’ve got plenty of other guides to help you out, such as how to get alternate costumes, how to get the secret ending, how to find all blue orb fragments, and more.

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