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Best New Sims 4 Mods of February 2019


Best New Sims 4 Mods of February 2019

Best New Sims 4 Mods for February 2019

Rebuilt Worlds

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This mod rebuilds the worlds in Sims 4 with new houses and NPC sims so playthroughs will feel fresh again.

Everything in these rebuilds is from the base game, free updates, or official packs so you don’t have to worry about having modding items for it to work.

There are also themes for the worlds based on their locations and aesthetic. For example Willow Creek has a Midwest theme, Newcrest has an Asian theme, and San Myshuno has a New York theme. All of the adjusted lots include:

  • Willow Creek. Midwest theme, 17 residential homes, 2 restaurants, a pool, and a park.
  • Oasis Springs. Indian/Middle-Eastern/Mexican themes, 15 residential homes, two restaurants, two parks, a cafe, and a lounge.
  • Newcrest. Asian theme, 11 residential homes, restaurant, spa, park, and a nightclub.
  • Magnolia Promenade. Restaurant and a nightclub.
  • Windenburg. European theme, 17 residential homes, restaurant, bar, library, lounge, vet, park, and karaoke bar.
  • San Myshuno. New York theme, 23 apartment homes, two restaurants, two karaoke bars, nightclub, lounge, and a park.
  • Forgotten Hollow. Spooky theme, 4 residential home and a restaurant.
  • Brindleton Bay. Northeastern American theme, ten residential homes, a gym, restaurant, park, lounge, bar, and nightclub.
  • Del Sol Valley. South American Theme, seven residential homes, two restaurants, park, and a lounge.
  • Granite Hills, one tent camp site, four cabins, one park.
  • Selvadorada. 4 cabins, nightclub, bar, and a national park.

Every sim in each community is handcrafted, most with professions and specific skills to match their home and lifestyle. Many of them also have backstories as well so your game will feel well-rounded.

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