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Fortnite Driftboard Locations: Where to Find Driftboards on the Map

fortnite driftboard locations

Fortnite Driftboard Locations: Where to Find Driftboards on the Map

Where to Find Driftboards in Fortnite

Fortnite’s v7.40 content update has just arrived, pretty much solely introducing the driftboard to both Battle Royale and Save the World as a Limited Time Item. If you’re looking to check this new vehicle out in Battle Royale, you’re in the right place. Here’s all driftboard locations in Fortnite we’ve found so far.

Driftboard Locations in Fortnite

To give you a helping hand tracking all possible Fortnite driftboard locations down, we’ve compiled a handy list of all the places we’ve spotted in Playground mode, as well as provided screenshots so you can easily track ’em down.

  • The first Fortnite driftboard location can be found on the mountain south of Tilted Towers, by the Quadcrushers on the trailers.
  • You can find another of the driftboards on the mountain northwest of Tilted Towers by the camper.
  • East of Pleasant Park, propped up against a tree by the yellow camper is another Fortnite driftboard.
  • The next driftboard can be found on the hill directly west of Dusty Divot. The driftboard is propped up next to the chest by the Expedition Outpost.
  • You can find more driftboards in Fortnite by the yellow camper van to the east of Loot Lake, right by the edge of the water.
  • Another driftboard is propped up against the little Expedition Outpost-looking building to the west of Polar Peak. It’s almost like a storage unit.
  • The next driftboard we tracked down was in another of these little red storage units up on the hill just south of Frosty Flights.
  • Turns out that Trog was a bit of a driftboarder too. You can find a driftboard perched up high in his cave.
  • There are a couple more driftboards sat waiting to be grabbed in the lodge just northwest of Happy Hamlet.
  • Just a little northwest from this last lodge, you’ll find another Fortnite driftboard location outside another of these lodges.

That’s 10 driftboard locations in Fortnite, and we’ve got images down below of each one, complete with map co-ordinates, too.

South of Tilted Towers – D6 – Fortnite Driftboard Locations

Northwest of Tilted Towers – D5

East of Pleasant Park – D3 – Fortnite Driftboard Locations

West of Dusty Divot – F5

Fortnite driftboard location

East coast of Loot Lake – E4 – Fortnite Driftboard Locations

West of Polar Peak – B7

Fortnite driftboard location

South of Frosty Flights B8 – Fortnite Driftboard Locations

Trog’s Cave – B9

Fortnite driftboard location

Lodge Northwest of Happy Hamlet – C9 – Fortnite Driftboard Locations

Lodge Northwest of Happy Hamlet – B9

Fortnite driftboard location

How to Use Driftboards

Now that you have 10 places to track down these handy vehicles in Fortnite, it’s best to have a good understanding of how they work before you begin riding one. Simply put, here are the controls:

  • Boost – Press down on the left analog stick.
  • Jump – Hold A/ X/ Space bar.
  • Exit – Hold B/ Circle.

It’s worth noting that they can be a little strange to get used to, but just remember to keep an eye on the light at the end of the driftboard and this will let you know when to use your boost to propel you in whatever direction you want to head in.

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