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Far Cry New Dawn: Is There Splitscreen Multiplayer?

Far Cry New Dawn, Split-Screen Multiplayer, Xbox One X Enhanced

Far Cry New Dawn: Is There Splitscreen Multiplayer?

Is There Splitscreen Multiplayer in Far Cry New Dawn?

With so much of Far Cry New Dawn‘s promotional material featuring two antagonists front and center, and cooperative play being a heavily featured part of the title, passersby wouldn’t be blamed for wondering if the game has splitscreen multiplayer. Here’s what you need to know about splitscreen multiplayer in Far Cry New Dawn.

To put it plainly, no, Far Cry New Dawn does not offer splitscreen multiplayer. Players can play with one another from different consoles online, but they’d be out of luck if they tried to play side by side on one copy.

It’s unfortunate, but by no means a surprise. Most games these days forgo splitscreen multiplayer in favor of designing better online multiplayer experiences, and are able to sell more copies of their game as a result.

Of course, that isn’t to say the series will never see splitscreen multiplayer in New Dawn.

While Ubisoft has announced that there won’t be DLC for Far Cry New Dawn, the game will still see support in the form of challenges that challenge players in new and interesting ways.

While it’s still a very slim chance any of these will come with the caveat of splitscreen multiplayer being added to the game, the insurance of continued support does at least offer a glimmer of hope for the feature’s holdouts.

In the meantime, there are still plenty of other elements of Far Cry: New Dawn that make it worth checking out. On top of taking the series into a post-apocalyptic America, the game is the first to feature a duo of psychopaths for the players to confront.

Its story will also pick up where the events of Far Cry 5 left off, building upon the world and characters presented in a preceding game.

On top of these elements, the game will also offer challenges to players post-release that allow them to travel to different locales across the post-apocalyptic country.

Hopefully this answers any questions you have about whether there’s splitscreen multiplayer in Far Cry New Dawn. For more on the game, check out our guide wiki for tips, tricks and info to use as you play through the game.

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