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Far Cry New Dawn: How to Get Specialists & Upgrade Prosperity

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Far Cry New Dawn: How to Get Specialists & Upgrade Prosperity

How to Get Specialists and Upgrade Prosperity in Far Cry New Dawn

To advance through Far Cry New Dawn‘s main story and rebuild a semblance of humanity in Hope County, players will need to expand their base of operations. That’s why we’re here to help with a guide on how to get Specialists and upgrade Prosperity.

A hub town and base of operations throughout Far Cry New Dawn, Prosperity acts as both a safe haven for less violent survivors of the apocalypse and a symbol of the player’s progression through the game.

The more advanced and populated it becomes, the more main story events and missions that will trigger and open up for the player to complete. As such, Far Cry New Dawn players will want to make upgrading Prosperity a priority.

Luckily, upgrading Prosperity is a straightforward enough task. At any time, players can upgrade Prosperity from the home base tab in the main menu, which can be opened by pressing the touchpad or View button on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One respectively.

After doing so, the upgrades currently available for each of Prosperity’s facilities can be seen and, if players have the proper materials, purchased.

The requirements to upgrade each facility in Far Cry New Dawn vary. While the first upgrades for each facility only require a certain amount of ethanol, the subsequent upgrades will also require players to track down Specialists from across Hope County.

These individuals each have their own tasks players must complete before they’ll join your settlement, and serve as mandatory side missions you’ll need to complete.

Fortunately, the real challenge in Far Cry New Dawn will come from shlepping your way out to each Specialist, and even then they’re easy enough to find thanks to markers that will appear on the map.

Players need only travel to these markers and explore the area around the marker to find each specialist and trigger their mission. They can usually be found in or around buildings nearby the marker, or in close proximity to its placement on the map.

The intel specialist Bean, for example, can be found to the building to the right of his map marker.

Hopefully this helps you figure out how to get specialists and upgrade prosperity. Far Cry: New Dawn is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

For more on the game, Check out our Far Cry New Dawn guide wiki for tips, tricks and instructions for all of the title’s mechanics and secrets.

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