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Dragon Quest XI: Where to Farm Metal Slime

Dragon Quest XI, Metal Slime Farming

Dragon Quest XI: Where to Farm Metal Slime

Where to Farm Metal Slime in Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is a JRPG through and through, right down to portions of the game that require a healthy dose of grinding. As such, you’ll probably want to know where to farm Metal Slime in Dragon Quest XI.

A rare variant of the series’ mascot monster, Metal Slime boast exceptional defense but grant an equally exceptional amount of experience when defeated.

This only increases with each new variant, with Liquid Metal Slimes and King Metal Slimes providing literal hours worth of experience in one kill.

The areas where players can find Metal Slime include: Insula Orientalis, The Champ’s Sauvage, the Royal Library, Laguna di Gondolia, Mount Huji, The Battleground, The Disciple’s Trial, The Cruel Crypt, the Luminary’s Trial and the Citadel of Spite.

Of course, being the bounties of experience that they are, these rare enemies have a minuscule spawn rate, and normally only appear every hundred or so battles; or at least, they do if you don’t know about this useful farming trick.

How to Increase the Spawn Rate of Metal Slime in Dragon Quest XI

After you’ve successfully enlisted Jade and Sylvando into your party, a new pep attack called Electro Light becomes available. It can only be used when the player character, Jade and Sylvando are all pepped up.

With it, you have the chance to swap out any monsters you’re currently facing with Metal Slime variants. Which variant appears depends on the player’s level, with more difficult variants reserved for high-level characters.

It’s worth noting that this is randomized, however, and as such Metal Slime aren’t guaranteed to show up every time. More often than not, a team of regular enemies will appear and you’ll need to use Electro Light again to try for a new spawn.

At the same time though, it has a much higher spawn rate of Metal Slime than trying to find them in the wild, and as such is the fastest way to get them to appear.

How to Kill Metal Slime Easily

Once you’ve successfully triggered a Metal Slime spawn, you’ll need to kill them as fast as possible.

The best way to do this is with the player character, Jade and Erik in your party. Each has abilities that are good for defeating Metal variants.

The player character’s Metal Slash, found in the Sword skill tree, is good for dealing with the earlier variants you encounter, as is Jade’s Multi-Thrust ability from the Spear skill tree.

For higher level variants, Erik’s Critical Claim from his Guile skill tree or Jade’s Lightning Thrust from her Spear skill tree are the way to go.

Both can kill a Metal variant in one hit, and while the Lightning Thrust does have a chance to miss, its lower usage cost compared to Critical Claim makes it more reusable while farming.

How to Farm Metal Slimes in Draconian Mode

This farming method also works in Draconian mode, though there is an additional hoop you’ll have to jump through to make it work.

If you have the No EXP for failing to kill the entire group of monsters challenge activated, you’ll gain no experience from killing Metal Slimes summoned by Electro Light because the original monsters were never killed.

If you kill at least one monster from the original party of monsters though, this will bypass the restriction so long as you kill all of the Metal Slimes that are brought in.

Keep these tips and tricks in mind, and you’ll have more experience than you know what to do with in no time.

Hopefully, that answers where to farm Metal Slime in Dragon Quest XI. For more on the game, check out our review, or take a look at our Dragon Quest XI guide wiki.

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