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Crackdown 3: How to Get & Unlock New Abilities

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Crackdown 3: How to Get & Unlock New Abilities

How to Get Abilities in Crackdown 3

It took a while, but Crackdown 3 has finally arrived. It should be a familiar romp for those used to its brand of action and combat from previous games. Likely if you’re here, you’re probably wondering how to get abilities in Crackdown 3 to help make your chaos causing that much more effective.

Abilities are a key part of growth in Crackdown 3. Everything you do is tied to a particular skill. A few examples include Agility which increases your movement potential, Driving which gives you more advantages out on the roads, and Explosives which, you know, makes you blow up things better.

Getting abilities in Crackdown 3 is pretty simple, but a bit grindy depending on your playstyle. Essentially every time you level up until you hit the cap in particular skill, you’ll gain a new ability.

For example, reaching level 5 in Firearms grants you a new weapon called the Graviton Tether which hits enemies and chains them together. Level 2 Strength unlocks the Ground Pound ability which lets you come crashing down on a group of enemies.

You can check out our full guide for how to level up your skills fast if you’re looking for more information on that, but the long and short of it is that if you want to get abilities fast, you need to focus on fighting a particular way.

Bash people with melee attacks to level up Strength and unlock the abilities in that tree. You should also switch agents that encourage the play style you prefer, or at least the abilities that you want to unlock as each agent has different perks that increase gains in certain skills which will get you abilities faster.

That does it for how to get abilities in Crackdown 3. For more tips and tricks about Crackdown 3, check out our wiki guide and read our review to get our full thoughts on the latest Xbox One/PC exclusive game.

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