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The Best 5 Games to Look Forward to in February 2019


The Best 5 Games to Look Forward to in February 2019

The coming month is jam-packed with releases to look forward to, from highly anticipated open-world action titles to ambitious new multiplayer IPs. Of them, these are the best five games to look forward to in February 2019.

Best Games to Check Out in February 2019

Wargroove (Release Date: Feb. 1)

wargroove, February 2019 Game Releases

Quickly gaining steam as a surprise hit on the Nintendo Switch, Wargroove combines the styles and strategic elements of games like Advanced Wars and Fire Emblem for a title that’s hard not to take notice of.

Taking control of one of 13 commanders, players are tasked with traveling across the game’s world in search of conquest, allies and a way to cement their legacy.

This is easier said than done though, as the world is full of rival factions and forces that are just as keen to grind players into dust and create their own empires.

As such, achieving victory comes down to creative use of an army’s units in every situation, and the only thing standing between the player and victory is the question of how they want to proceed.

And that only covers the game’s single-player mode. Wargroove also offers local and online multiplayer, allowing players to pit their carefully crafted forces against others near and far to see who is the true master of strategy.

It’s a title with no shortage of content, and considering Wargroove has already recouped its development costs in only three days, it’s sure to be a game many are talking about for the foreseeable future.

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