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Anthem: How to Change Javelin

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Anthem: How to Change Javelin

How to Change Javelin in Anthem

Aside from showering you with lots of loot, BioWare’s Anthem also lets you live out your powered exo-suit fantasy. But although you do have to make an initial choice of which Javelin suit to wear early on, you’re not stuck with it forever. Here’s everything you need to know about how to change your Javelin in Anthem.

Whenever your Freelancer sets off to leave the safety of Fort Tarsis, they step into their Javelin suit, which makes dealing with the hostile wildlife and other dangers that wait out there possible.

Anthem gives you access to your very first Javelin when you advance to level 2. You can choose any of the available four initial Javelins, whether it’s the balanced, adaptable Ranger, heavy Colossus, agile Interceptor or elemental-based Storm.

If you end up unhappy with your choice, or would simply like to try out another suit, you can change your Javelin as further unlocks become available at levels 8, 16 and 26. This means that you’ll eventually have access to all four of Anthem’s Javelins.

Once you’ve gained access to more than one suit, you can change Javelins through a rather simple process, which begins with heading to the Forge.

After you’ve arrived, pressing Y, Triangle or the R key brings up a list of all unlocked Javelins. Simply select the desired Javelin and that’s pretty much it. You’re set to go out there and try out a different suit with its own abilities.

Each of Anthem’s Javelins comes with five available loadout slots, which allow you to mix and match different weapons, components and Ultimate Abilities alongside offensive and support gear.

It’s a handy way of having different variations of your Javelin’s playstyle readily accessible and, what’s better yet, you switch between them in the same way as you change Javelins.

That’s all you need to know about how to change your Javelin in Anthem.

Our Anthem Guide Wiki holds plenty of answers regarding Bioware’s latest outing and it’s being constantly updated with new articles. Alternatively, searching Twinfinite also takes you to more tips, tricks, and guides on the game.

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