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5 Ways Fortnite Can Keep Dominating the Battle Royale Genre in 2019


5 Ways Fortnite Can Keep Dominating the Battle Royale Genre in 2019

Ways Fortnite Can Dominate in 2019

More Crossover Events

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Arguably one of the biggest crossover events that video games saw in 2018 was Thanos’ cameo appearance in a Limited Time Event in Fortnite. The Infinity Gauntlet mode saw a meteor strike drop the insanely powerful gauntlet from Avengers: Infinity War somewhere on the map. Picking it up saw players transform into Thanos.

That, of course, brought with it some insane powers, such as a laser attack, insanely powerful punch that could destroy objects and deal damage to players, and a massive jump and ground pound attack. Not to mention the increased shield and health.

Not only did this give Marvel fans a way to soak up even more of the Infinity War hype while playing Fortnite, but it showed the potential the battle royale title has to push the boat out. While Blackout and PUBG are stuck in their fairly grounded military sim genre, Fortnite can pretty much do whatever it wants in terms of crossovers.

With Avengers: Endgame hitting the big screen later this year, it almost seems like a cert that we’ll see the Infinity Gauntlet mode return once more, or something to celebrate its release once again. Beyond that, though, what about events to tie in with other big video game releases?

The Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts III sitting atop Polar Peaks? Or perhaps a Demogorgon could appear to wreak havoc in the Fortnite world when Stranger Things Season 3 hits Netflix in July. Heck, you could even get X-Wings and the Millennium Falcon zipping through Fortnite’s skies to celebrate Star Wars: Episode IX’s release.

Epic, hit us up, we’ve got plenty more where these came from!

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