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Resident Evil 2: How Much it Costs

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Resident Evil 2: How Much it Costs

How Much Every Edition of Resident Evil 2 Costs

Resident Evil 2 is available in four different editions at 4 different price points. Each step above the standard version gets you special items– some in-game, and some physical objects. Each step above the standard edition also raises the price. Here’s how much Resident Evil 2 costs.

Standard Edition: $59.99 (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

The standard edition includes the base game. No extras come with this version, but it’s everything you need to experience Resident Evil 2. The only extras at this price come from pre-ordering. All pre-orders at participating retailers include the “Chris” and “Jill” models of the “Samurai Edge” handgun.

Deluxe Edition: $69.99 (PC, PS4 and Xbox One)

Now we get to the bonuses. For consoles, the physical copies of the game have special reversible covers, depicting Leon on the front and Claire on the other side. This upgraded edition of the game also comes with the Deluxe DLC pack, which includes:

  • “Arklay Sheriff” costume for Leon
  • “Noir” costume for Leon
  • “Military” costume for Claire
  • “Noir” costume for Claire
  • “Elza Walker” costume for Claire
  • “Samurai Edge – Albert Model” unique handgun

Collector’s Edition: $199.99 (PS4, Xbox One)

The next level up brings you more extras at a significantly higher price. The collector’s edition is only available at Gamestop, and is only available for PS4 and Xbox One. In this bundle you’ll get everything contained in the Deluxe Edition, plus:

  • A 12” Leon S. Kennedy Figure
  • R.P.D. Renovation Blueprints
  • Digital soundtrack
  • Collector’s Artbook
  • Special R.P.D. item box packaging

Premium Edition: ¥107,784 (PS4)

The fourth and most expensive version of Resident Evil 2 is the Premium Edition. This exclusive bundle costs over $900 and is only available in Japan. You can read more about the premium extras included for that premium price in our article here.

Can I Get it On Sale?

Discounts on the console versions of Resident Evil 2 are tough to come by, but PS4 players can snag a copy slightly below retail at Green Man Gaming. PC players can already get the game for a sizable discount at a number of locations: Gamebillet and have decently slashed prices at the time of posting.

That’s everything you need to know about how much Resident Evil 2 costs. If you have any questions let us know in the comments below or check out our guide wiki for more tips and tricks.


Question: How much does Resident Evil 2 cost?

Answer: Standard Edition retail price = $59.99, Deluxe Edition = $69.99, Collector’s Edition = $199.99, Premium Edition = 107,784 yen (over $900).

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