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Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Play the Ratatouille Cooking Minigame

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Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Play the Ratatouille Cooking Minigame

How to Play the Ratatouille Cooking Minigame

A new mechanic of Kingdom Hearts 3 is the new Cuisine feature, that lets you play a minigame to craft stat boosting items for your party. Here’s how to play the Ratatouille cooking minigame.

The feature isn’t unlocked in Kingdom Hearts 3 from the beginning so you need to follow the story from Olympus and then go to Twilight Town, if you keep going you’ll eventually save Little Chef. Towards the end of Twilight Town, you’re sent to find nine ingredients in the surrounding area to collect and cook.

You’ll soon meet Scrooge McDuck, after this cutscene all you need to do is go to the menu in front of the restaurant and play the minigame, provided you have the ingredients to cook with. After your first time cooking with Little Chef Remi, you can go directly to the Bistro at any moment from a save point.

Cooking food at the Bistro will unlock the Cuisine section in the main menu, allowing you temporary stat boosts that last for a certain amount of time – perfect in a difficult spot. These dishes range from soups and desserts to fish platters and more, which can boost max MP and HP or increase defense, strength, and magic.

Where to get ingredients

Ingredients are scattered everywhere across all the different worlds, in objects like fruit bowls and Chinese takeout boxes, simply attack them with X/A to knock the food out of them.

Cooking Minigame

Each dish you cook requires a different minigame, ranging from timed button presses to tilting the sticks in a certain direction, each one is very quick but if you fail you lose the ingredients. You might only be cracking an egg, but it’ll produce a full stat-boosting meal for the trio. Here are a few pointers on playing the minigames.

  • Egg Cracking – Arguably the hardest of the lot, you need to very gently push the left and right sticks apart, but if you’re too gentle you’ll also fail. It takes quite a bit of practice, but the second you’ve cracked the egg apart, press L1 + R1 (LB + RB) without moving the sticks. You’ll know its the right time when you see the pink swirls of imagination.
  • Flambe – Rotating the left stick at a fair pace, not too fast not too slow, keep going until you see the familiar swirls, the immediately push down on the right stick.
  • Chopping – Fairly easy, keep pushing down on the left stick as fast as you can, once chopped you need to press the right stick down quickly to grab the next ingredient. Speed is key.
  • Pepper Grinding – This one’s quite forgiving, push down as indicated on the left and right sticks as Sora juggles the grinder and the rings close in on the icons.

That’s how to play the Ratatouille cooking minigame in Kingdom Hearts 3, for more guides check out if the game is open world, the pre-order Keyblades available, and what the preload and unlock times are. For further tips and tricks, check out our growing Kingdom Hearts 3 wiki.

Be sure to check Twinfinite for the latest Kingdom Hearts 3 news and our review, to be published very soon.

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