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Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Get Birds to Rapunzel

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Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Get Birds to Rapunzel

How to Get the Birds to Rapunzel in Kingdom Hearts 3

The world of Tangled has its fair share of puzzles and tasks to clear in Kingdom Hearts 3, and one in particular that you may need help figuring out is how to get birds to Rapunzel.

The task seems simple enough, requiring Kingdom Hearts 3 players to gather birds and guide them back to Rapunzel from across the map.

This is easier said than done though. The birds can be spooked by anything from moving too quickly, to approaching the area’s platforming segments too haphazardly.

This will cause them to return to the area where they were first found, forcing you to replay the segment until you figure out how to guide them properly.

To speed up the process and get the birds to Rapunzel in Kingdom Hearts 3 with minimal headaches, try this strategy: After receiving the task, locate the birds and approach them slowly by tilting the left analogue stick ever so slightly.

This will allow you to get close to them without spooking them. Once you’re right up next to them, press the Triangle button or Y button to get them to follow you. You’ll know this has occurred when the birds start flying next to Sora’s head.

Next, continue back toward Rapunzel at a slow walk, tilting the left analogue stick slightly just like when you were approaching the birds before. This will prevent the birds from becoming spooked and returning to their starting point. It’s definitely one of the more annoying tasks in Kingdom Hearts 3.

If the birds become spooked, they’ll start flying further away from Sora’s head before outright fleeing. When this occurs, stop moving until they start flying closer to Sora’s head again.

Maintain this speed until you reach a gap you need to jump over. Jump only one gap at a time, as each jump will spook the birds slightly and cause them to fly further away from Sora’s head.

After each jump, wait for the birds to come closer to Sora’s head again before jumping another gap. Continue this process until you’ve jumped every gap, and then continue on toward Rapunzel.

This should allow you to get the birds to Rapunzel as quickly as possible. Better yet, once you complete the task, you never have to do it again.

Hopefully this makes it a little easier to get the birds to Rapunzel in Kingdom Hearts 3.

For more on the game, check out our Kingdom Hearts 3 wiki for everything you need to know about the title’s mechanics, puzzle solutions and more.

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