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5 Things Kingdom Hearts 3 Doesn’t Tell You


5 Things Kingdom Hearts 3 Doesn’t Tell You

Things Kingdom Hearts 3 Doesn’t Tell You

The Choices at the Beginning Affect Your Base Stats and Abilities

Just like the first Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 3 has you make a series of choices at the very beginning of the game. It’ll present you with three mirrors to choose from twice in a row, but it doesn’t tell you what exactly these choices will mean.

Your first choice will make you choose between Vitality, Wisdom, and Balance. These affect your starting stats, i.e. Vitality will give you more HP, Wisdom will give you more MP, and Balance will give you equal but slightly less of the two. Whichever you choose will also affect your level ups, and which stats get focused on more.

The second choice asks you to choose between Warrior, Mystic, and Guardian. This time around, your choice will affect which abilities you learn first, up through to level 20. Warrior will focus on offensive and combo enhancing abilities first, Mystic will focus on magic and MP enhancing abilities, and Guardian will focus on recovery and damage control abilities.

Make your choice wisely at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 3 based on what kind of build you want, as you can’t go back and change it later.

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