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6 Games Like Fallout Shelter If You’re Looking for Something Similar


6 Games Like Fallout Shelter If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Nobody really asked for it when it was first announced, but Fallout Shelter ended up being a really fun mobile game to waste your time on when you had nothing better to do. Here are six games like Fallout Shelter if you’re looking for something similar.

Games Like Fallout Shelter

Westworld (Mobile)

Westworld mobile game

If you are addicted to Fallout Shelter and need more community management games in your life, or if you’re someone who likes everything about Fallout Shelter except the Fallout theme, then Westworld is the game for you.

Quite literally, this game is Fallout Shelter with a Westworld theme. That’s because the same code that was created to make Fallout Shelter is allegedly the coding used to create Westworld.

In fact, Westworld is so similar to Fallout Shelter that Bethesda sued Warner Bros. Entertainment (the publisher behind the Westworld mobile game). After that story broke, we learned a little more about the extent of this copied code.

According to Bethesda, Westworld has the same exact bugs that Fallout Shelter launched with, which makes sense because the team that developed Fallout Shelter also developed Westworld. We’re not sure exactly how this lawsuit played out, though, because the two companies recently settled.

All of this is to say that Westworld is the most Fallout Shelter-like game because it is, at its core, probably the same game. Like Fallout Shelter, it’s free for your mobile device (with microtransactions, of course) and available to download today.

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