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Destiny 2: How to Get Black Armory Schematics & What They Do

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Destiny 2: How to Get Black Armory Schematics & What They Do

How to Get Black Armory Schematics in Destiny 2

Destiny 2: Black Armory, the first of a series of annual pass content that’s going to be added to the game over the year, has added a host of new items and equipment to collect. One of these important items are new mods. Here’s how to get to get Black Armory Schematics, a key item you need to obtain new mods and other helpful items.

Black Armory Schematics have two major uses right now in Destiny 2. They are used to obtain new mods, and Forge Polymer.

Let’s back up and break down what all of this stuff is first. Ada-1, a new NPC in the Annex offers new Black Armory mods that are quite different than your standard mod you’d get from Banshee-44.

These offer unique abilities such as enhancing perks on your guns such as Dragonfly, or greatly enhancing your radar. Pretty helpful stuff a lot of the time depending on your play style.

Forge Polymer is something completely different. Forge Polymer is a one-time buff of sort that when activated, allows you to get a bonus drop of the more elusive armor whenever you complete a successful weapon forge.

Considering it’s a lot harder to obtain armor than the weapons, it’s a nice little perk to have.

So, how do you get these schematics? It’s quite simple actually. All you need to do is break down unwanted Black Armory equipment.

If you complete a successful forge of a new weapon (aka the purple weapon bounties from Ada-1), and what you get isn’t something you’re ever going to use, instead of throwing it in your vault forever, dismantle it and you’ll get a Black Armory Schematic.

You only need one and some mod components to craft a mod, however you’ll need six to make a Forge Polymer, so don’t be a hoarder.

That does it for how to get Black Armory Schematics in Destiny 2. Happy forging!

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