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Anthem VIP Demo: How to Get Friend Codes & Play With Friends

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Anthem VIP Demo: How to Get Friend Codes & Play With Friends

How to Get Anthem VIP Demo Friend Codes and Play With Your Friends

EA BioWare’s hotly-anticipated title, Anthem, is just around the corner, but before it releases on Feb. 22, there will be a VIP Demo for preorders and EA Origin Access users. Here’s how to get a friend code and play with your friends in the Anthem VIP Demo.

The first thing you need to do to gain access to friend codes and play with your friends during the demo is gain access to the demo itself.

From Jan. 25 to the 27, BioWare will hold a VIP demo and then the following weekend, from Feb. 1 to Feb. 3, the company will hold a public demo.

As its name states, the Anthem VIP demo is for what BioWare considers VIP players or in other words, players who have already shelled out the money to preorder a copy of the game or to purchase an EA Origin Access subscription.

Pro-tip: If you don’t have the money to purchase the game in full or a subscription to EA Origin Access, you can go to GameStop and preorder the game with just a $5 deposit. This $5 deposit will net you a receipt that will have an Anthem VIP Demo code at the bottom.

If you have EA Origin Access, ensure your EA account and platform of choice (PC or Xbox One in this case because the subscription program is not available on PS4) are connected and download the demo.

If you go the preorder route, go to to their Anthem Demo website and plug in your VIP demo code. Doing so will prompt you to sign in to your EA account or create one.

Sign in to your EA account and select the platform of choice — PC, PS4 or Xbox One — and follow the instructions. In short, these instructions will tell you to go to your platform’s store, search for the demo and download it.

Once the demo is downloaded, login in to your EA account to show the demo that you have access to play it. After that, you’re all set for the demo.

Now, to get friend codes, go to the “Refer a Friend” tab and select it. There, you’ll be given codes that allow your friends to do exactly what you did to get into the Anthem VIP demo.

What’s really awesome is that these friend codes can be applied to differing consoles than the console that you are using to play Anthem (although there is no cross platform play so if you and your friends are on different consoles, you won’t get to play with them).

We’re not quite sure how to link up with friends during the Anthem demo yet since it hasn’t started, but we’ll be sure to update this guide when we have some definitive answers.

If we had to guess right now, linking up with your friends is likely going to be similar to doing so with your friends where all that’s necessary is a simple team invite.


Question: How to Get into the Anthem VIP Demo?

Answer: Pre-order the game, and go to their official website for Anthem to plug in the code and follow the instructions.

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