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10 Minutes of New Anthem Gameplay Showcases Hidden Depths Mission

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10 Minutes of New Anthem Gameplay Showcases Hidden Depths Mission

BioWare has released 10 minutes of new Anthem gameplay footage via IGN First, this time focusing on a high-level side quest called Hidden Depths. In it, we get a detailed look at gameplay from the point of view of the Interceptor and Colossus javelins.

We also get to see just a hint of some narrative delivery as the video starts, as the players accept the mission and head off. The quest giver is reminiscent of NPCs in other open world MMO-shooters (like Destiny), with the character model delivering their lines in an animated fashion in front of a static background.

The mission itself plays out with several running battles between the player’s javelins and some more melee-focused foes. In an earlier gameplay trailer for the Lost Arcanist, we saw the player’s javelins engaging enemies that employed weaponry similar to their own, employing automatic rifles and rocket launchers.

Here we get a taste of something new, as large wolf-like creatures are encountered that engage the player in close quarters. Afterward, the trail leads to an underwater segment, which differentiates itself from Anthem’s typical aerial traversal by the marine flora and fauna encountered, and by various audio and visual effects.

Upon emerging into an underground cavern, the players are set upon by insectoid-like foes that burrow underground and assault them from all angles. The Interceptor shows off some crowd control methods by freezing several of them, and Colossus is able to make short work of multiple opponents up close through an innovative mix of shotgun blasts, shield- bashes and AoE strikes.

Afterward, the players must solve simple puzzles that involve surveying the environment and interacting with corresponding objects. The final part of the video involves a climactic boss encounter with a Titan, which the players are able to overcome by using the tried and true MMO tank-and-spank tactic: while the Colossus holds the Titan’s attention, the Interceptor unleashes on it from behind.

Be sure to check out the video for yourself, or the plethora of other Anthem gameplay coverage that has dropped over the last week. You can see what Freeplay Expeditions entail here, or take a deeper dive into the game’s narrative in this gameplay showcase.

Anthem launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Feb. 22, 2019.

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