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New Anthem Gameplay Video Focuses on Freeplay Expeditions


New Anthem Gameplay Video Focuses on Freeplay Expeditions

IGN First has just put out a brand new Anthem gameplay video featuring the Storm and Interceptor Javelins. The footage used is all from the game’s freeplay Expedition Mode, and provides a look at world events, bosses, flying, and hidden items found in the world.

Starting off the video, there is some general gameplay of the Storm and Interceptor flying around the world, fighting a few enemies, and harvesting materials.

The narrator chimes in to inform the viewer that expeditions are available at any time, but currently they are collecting specific materials for a vendor who provides players with Javelin upgrades and modifications.

After finding the first item they need in a hidden chest, the players move on to world events to find more. The first event shown does not give the players any quest materials, but it does open the door to an area with a hidden boss.

The voiceover notes that this boss was much more “mechanically distinct” when compared to Anthem’s other enemies.

Following this, the footage cuts to an open world boss encounter, and the narrator mentions that larger enemies randomly appear when completing world events in freeplay.

The fight continues shows off some of the differences between the Storm and Interceptor.

Next, the video focuses on Anthem’s world traversal and flight mechanics. The voiceover explains that the large relics seen in the world can be flown into to provide a quick path to a higher elevation.

He then discusses how diving towards the ground, flying through a waterfall, or skimming a body of water stops Javelins from overheating and allows them to stay in the air longer.

Finally, the gameplay footage gives viewers a look at the hidden items that can be found during freeplay.

These items include chests, destroyed Javelins, resource nodes, and codex entries that provide gear, materials, and bits of lore. The video then ends with a long fight against multiple enemies that rewards the players with a chest.

You can find the IGN First video below. If you want to see more of the Storm Javelin, be sure to check out the Storm Javelin gameplay video.

For anyone planning to play Anthem on PC, we recently learned about the game’s system requirements. Anthem releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Feb. 22, 2019.

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