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5 Games Like Disco Elysium If You’re Looking for Something Similar

disco elysium

5 Games Like Disco Elysium If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Disco Elysium surprised a lot of gamers when it was released by ZA/UM in 2019, garnering plenty of praise from critics and fans alike. And while you may be able to play it over and over for hundreds of hours, there are certainly still plenty of people that wouldn’t mind playing games like Disco Elysium that have similar features and premises.

With a gripping narrative, gameplay customization, and enough dialogue to rival a fantasy book series, Disco Elysium set the bar for what a point and click adventure should look like.

Below, we’ve listed four titles that are sure to appeal to Disco Elysium fans if they’re looking for something similar.

Kentucky Route Zero

disco elysium

When looking for recommendations on games like Disco Elysium, who better to trust than the developer of the game themselves?

Listed as an inspiration for Disco Elysium by ZA/UM, Kentucky Route Zero is a point and click adventure game that explores a network of secret cave highway beneath Kentucky.

While the setting itself is fascinating, the mysterious people who use it for traveling are just as interesting. Those people and the stories they have to tell are the focal point of the gameplay for Kentucky Route Zero.

Instead of choosing to focus on clever puzzles or challenges of skill to hook players in, characterization, atmosphere, and storytelling take center stage, as the sole purpose of completing the game revolves around the narrative.

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