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Fortnite: How to Submit The Block Creations


Fortnite: How to Submit The Block Creations

How to Submit The Block Creations in Fortnite

At The Game Awards, Epic Games revealed a new feature for Fortnite called The Block. Tied to the game’s all-new Creative Mode, this area will showcase the most impressive player-creations for everyone to appreciate. Here’s how to submit The Block creations in Fortnite.

First, if you’re not sure where to find The Block, you can head over to Risky Reels to check it out. As you’d expect from the title, it’s a giant concrete block that essentially serves as a platform for player-creations to stand atop of. Basically, Fortnite has gone all Minecraft on us, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it proves a hugely successful feature for the game.

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If you want the honor of being featured on The Block in Fortnite, you’ll need to head over to the game’s Creation Mode and start building something you think will be worthy of submission.

Here are the guidelines and procedure you need to follow to submit The Block creations in Fortnite:

  • Build a creation within a 25×25 flat area
  • Remember that chests, floor loot, and vehicle spawns will be determined by Epic, so there’s no need to include these
  • Screenshot your creation
  • Submit your creation on social media with the hashtag #FortniteBlockParty
  • Limit your memory used to 50,000

That’s all the information you should need about how to submit The Block creations in Fortnite. Now go and get your creative juices flowing!

For more useful tips and guides on the game, search Twinfinite. Otherwise, head straight to our guide wiki, where we’ve answered questions such as how to play creative mode and how to get weapons in creative mode.


Question: How do you submit The Block creations in Fortnite?

Answer: Access the creative mode, build your creation in 25×25 flat space, and then upload a screenshot to social media with the hashtag #FortniteBlockParty.

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