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Overwatch Ashe Tips: How to Play Ashe Effectively


Overwatch Ashe Tips: How to Play Ashe Effectively

How to Play Ashe Effectively in Overwatch

It’s always rough trying to learn a new hero, especially when she’s just been patched in the test servers. If you want to score more kills and help your team, here are some useful tips and tricks on how to play Ashe effectively in Overwatch.

Before anything else, it’s important to take a look at her kit and find out what she brings to the Overwatch battlefield. Ashe is a versatile sniper who comes equipped with a lever action rifle, some dynamite, and her omnic butler, B.O.B.

Her abilities in Overwatch revolve heavily around technical skill, unlike heroes such as Wrecking Ball, Sombra, and Moira. Ashe leans toward aiming more than actually spamming her skills to get kills.

Use the Dynamite as a Zoning Tool

Ashe’s Dynamite is an extremely powerful tool that can kill squishy heroes who are caught up in the impact. The weapon can also bruise tanks and other high-health heroes thanks to the additional burn effect.

While you can use this as an offensive tool to wipe out a small group of enemies, Dynamite works best as a zoning tool in Overwatch. Ashe can throw it in choke points, near the payload, or control points to scatter enemies from a certain area.

Sure, some enemies might avoid it, but it gives your team an opening to push and counterattack in Overwatch. And if they do get hit, well, that’s just another less problem to worry about.

Treat B.O.B. Like Any Other Player

Ashe has one of the most interesting ultimate abilities in Overwatch since she can literally summon another team member on the battlefield for a few seconds. Think of B.O.B. like a Reinhardt and Doomfist hybrid who can charge enemies and fire short, powerful bursts.

While he can’t move, B.O.B. has a ton of health and can kill any enemies on sight. Treat him like one of Torbjorn’s turrets and position where enemies will most likely pass through, catching them off guard.

Similarly, B.O.B. can also be nano-boosted and healed, and more importantly, content control points in Overwatch. He’s a great staller and can give your team enough time to come back and fight for the point.

Focus on Precise Shots

While The Viper can dish out plenty of rapid shots, it’s best to lock down your sights and aim carefully. Scoping gives you a bit more damage, giving you just enough firepower to finish off squishies and bruise tanks.

As Ashe, you will want to position yourself carefully and keep your distance from the enemy. Her Coach Gun is a tool that can get her to high ground or create some distance between her and any incoming enemies.

These tips should help you make the most out of Ashe in the PTR and once she hits the live servers. For more help on Overwatch, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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