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Overwatch Ashe: When Ashe Is Coming to the Live Servers (Consoles)


Overwatch Ashe: When Ashe Is Coming to the Live Servers (Consoles)

When Ashe Is Coming to the Overwatch Live Servers (Consoles)

Overwatch has just gotten its next hero –the leader of the Deadlock Gang, Ashe. She was finally revealed during the BlizzCon weekend and is shaping up to be another solid addition to the Damage roster. While she’ll be hitting the PTR first, here’s when Ashe is coming to the Overwatch live servers and consoles.

As with every other Overwatch hero in the past, PC players will get the chance to test out Ashe first on the PTR. There, she’ll be tuned and adjusted accordingly, depending on player performance and stats. Once that’s over, Blizzard will finally patch her in the Overwatch live servers and consoles.

Before she even arrives on consoles, however, she has to come to the PTR first. The Overwatch hero still isn’t live on the test servers but is slated to be patched in later this week. With BlizzCon finally over, it shouldn’t be too long before she goes live.

Once she’s finally in the Overwatch PTR, fans will have to wait around a few weeks before she becomes available in the main game. As for how long testing will take, most heroes have usually stayed in the PTR for around two to four weeks.

We can probably expect Ashe to stay in the test servers for around that period of time, assuming she won’t get any changes. There’s always the chance that we might get Ashe sooner or later on the live servers and consoles.

Before release, Blizzard usually does reveal when they plan on patching heroes into the main game. You can follow their official social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on when she’ll finally come to consoles and the live servers.

We’ll also be updating this post as soon as we find out when Ashe will join the rest of the Overwatch heroes on the live servers and consoles. For now, PS4 and Xbox One fans will just have to wait a bit longer before they can test her out.

Apart from her official announcement at BlizzCon, we also got a glimpse of the Deadlock Gang with a new cinematic short. Blizzard also revealed Ashe’s origins video, revealing a bit more about her past and her role in the Deadlock Gang.

That’s about everything you need to know about when Ashe will be coming to the live servers and consoles. For more coverage on all things Overwatch, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

UPDATE: Ashe and Bob are now available on the Overwatch live servers.

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