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Fallout 76: How to Find the Mothman (Friendly & Vengeful)


Fallout 76: How to Find the Mothman (Friendly & Vengeful)

How to Find the Mothman in Fallout 76

The wild wastelands of West Virginia are filled with folklore, all brought to life thanks to Fallout 76. One of the most unique monsters in the game is Mothman.

This mythical creature – half man, half moth – is based around one of the real-life legends of West Virginia. Bearing the same name as the Point Pleasant legend, Mothman appeared in Fallout 76 as both friend and foe.

Here is everything you need to know about how to find the Mothman, both friendly and vengeful.

Friendly Mothman

The easiest way to find the Mothman is going to be by befriending him. To do this, you’ll have to complete the special event known as “The Path to Enlightenment.”

This event can be found at Landview Lighthouse during the night cycle of Fallout 76. Location wise, the lighthouse is just east of Vault 76.

Once you arrive, you’ll see a special event pop up, prompting you to kill 50 fireflies. After killing all of them, take the special bright fluid it gives you and head to the top of the lighthouse.

This fluid powers up the lighthouse and summons Wise Mothman. The legend itself appear shortly after, allowing you to take pictures with it and granting a “Wisdom of the Mothman” buff, increasing perception for a limited time.

While he looks more like a cicada than a man, this cute creature features purple eyes, instead of the blood red ones that his vengeful version contains.

Vengeful Mothman

This method isn’t as surefire as friendly Mothman. This vengeful version of the legend can only be found randomly throughout Appalachia.

When you do find and engage this version in combat, his eyes will turn blood red, signaling his intent to harm you.

Fallout 76 Mothman

Vengeful Mothman attack with a sonic blast, producing a sound similar to deaths-head hawkmoths. In the fight, it will disappear in a puff, usually landing behind or to the side to try and confuse you.

When you defeat this version, you’ll get a random assortment of items, including a Torn Mothman Wing.

That’s everything you need to know about how to find this mythical creature, both friendly and vengeful. For other tips and help on the game, check out our Fallout 76 guide wiki. We’ve also put together a few other guides you might find helpful below.

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