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Fallout 76: Where to Find Grafton Monster & How to Beat it


Fallout 76: Where to Find Grafton Monster & How to Beat it

Where to Find Grafton Monster and How to Beat it in Fallout 76

The Fallout series has always had interesting big bosses hid throughout the land, from the Swan to the Glowing Hermit Crab. Fallout 76 features a few as well, including the hulking beast known as the Grafton Monster.

This gigantic, hairless gray creature can be found roaming throughout the West Virginia Wastes, sporting a disproportionately large upper torso, as well as stumpy legs and enormous three-fingered fists. While there are plenty of disfigured creatures in the Wasteland, it’ll be hard to miss it when you come across this monster.

Here is where to find the Grafton Monster and how to beat it in Fallout 76.

Where to Find the Grafton Monster

When it comes to actually finding the Grafton Monster, your encounter is likely going to come down to chance. These disfigured muscleheads seem to randomly spawn around the map, as we also came across one somewhere else entirely when playing the beta.

In our first encounter, we were able to find the Grafton Monster in the Charleston Trainyard, located in the midsection of the map.

Fallout 76, Grafton Monster

Location will also play a large role in your encounter, as the enemy will be scaled accordingly to where they are found. During our encounter we found a level 10 Grafton, leveled as such because Charleston Trainyard is a low-level starter area.

Now that you understand your enemy a bit more, you’re going to need to head into the battle prepared.

How to Beat it

As you can tell from its appearance, the Grafton Monster isn’t going to go down easy, as it simply tanks most bullets and melee weapons. Just like most enemies in Fallout 76 though, the head is its weak spot.

Be sure to keep your distance and pepper it with shots to the head. Explosive damage is also effective, no matter where it is aimed at.

You’ll need powerful weapons in order to do the necessary amount of damage though, so stock up on Grenades, Gatling Guns, and Missile Launchers for this encounter.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find the Grafton Monster and how to beat it in Fallout 76. For extra tips and help on the game, make sure to take a look at our Fallout 76 guide wiki. We’ve also put together a few other guides you might find helpful below.

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