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Fallout 76: How to Carry More in Your Inventory


Fallout 76: How to Carry More in Your Inventory

How to Carry More in Your Inventory in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 brings to the table what many Bethesda fans have been wanting for years: the ability to play with friends! Well, also enemies. But this persistent survival version of the beloved franchise does things a bit differently. There’s some new stuff to learn, so let’s go over how to carry more in your inventory in Fallout 76.

Fallout might have changed, but one thing for sure never changes: how fast you’ll become over-encumbered. You’re still going to be able to pick up every little thing you come across, and you’ll no doubt reach your limit fast.

Being over-encumbered, of course, means you’ll be walking everywhere, will lose AP easily, and can’t fast travel around the world.

To actually increase how much you can carry in your inventory before you’re stuck with that debilitating debuff, there’s a variety of different things you can do.

Upgrade Your Strength SPECIAL & Use Perk Cards

By putting points into your Strength SPECIAL stat, you’re going to be increasing your carry limit. The more you do, the more you’ll carry. If this is your primary woe while playing, you’re definitely going to want to quickly place points into S every time you level up.

You can of course then place Perk Cards that give your character the benefits of more inventory space. Here are the ones to be on the lookout for, all of which decrease the weight of various stuff:

  • Bandolier: Ballistic Weapon Ammo
  • Bear Arms: Heavy Guns
  • Sturdy Frame: Armor
  • Thru-Hiker: Food/Drinks
  • Traveling Pharmacy: Chem Items

Obviously, placing these perk cards are a great way to chip away at the weight of the things you’re holding, and they’re all equip-able in the S category of your level up screen. And, of course, when you level up each card, you’re going to decrease the weights more and more.

For more on perk cards, check out our guides on All Perk Cards, How to Equip Perk Cards, and How to Upgrade Perk Cards.

Armor That Increases Inventory Space

While armor adds to your weight limit, you can also benefit from certain upgraded pieces. These are called Pocketed armors, and each one will add about 5 slots of free space to your inventory.

You’re going to be able to craft these at a weapons workbench, or maybe come across them in the world. You’ll know for sure that they’re beneficial pieces of armor because they’ll say Pocketed in their title. So, for example, Pocketed Left Raider Armor Leg, or something like that.

And, of course, you can get yourself some Power Armor and be the bell of the ball… These bad boys let you carry way more than you usually would. This probably goes without saying.

Get Carry Limit Boost Items

By the heading of this section, I’m talking about the chem items or food that increases your carry limit. For example, you can eat Grilled Radstag and see a carry weight boost to your character for a limited amount of time.

A lot of these exist so you’re best off keeping an eye out for the food you can cook or pick up along the way. As well as chem items, of course, that have the same effect on your inventory space.

That does it for how to carry more in your inventory in Fallout 76. Hopefully, you’ve made some space and can finally fast travel again. If you’re looking for more help, though, check out our Fallout 76 guide wiki. Full of tips, tricks, cheats, and more.

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