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Fallout 76: Where the Mothman Museum Is


Fallout 76: Where the Mothman Museum Is

Where the Mothman Museum is in Fallout 76

To go along with that, Fallout 76 brings a ton of urban legends and myths from West Virginia to the forefront. This includes the likes of the Grafton Monster, the Snallygaster, and of course, the infamous Mothman. Here’s where the Mothman Museum is in Fallout 76.

Where the Mothman Museum Is

From your starting point of Vault 76, if you head due West you’ll find a place called Point Pleasant. There you’ll see the Mothman Museum icon on your map, like in the image below.

Once you reach Point Pleasant you’ll want to look for the Mothman statue, which sits in the middle of town, and occasionally has Mothman eggs covering it. You can actually take these eggs to eat and heal yourself. You’ll find the entrance to the museum near here and it’s a pretty easy building to spot with the word Mothman emblazoned in red on its front and side.

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What You Can Find There

Once you’ve gone inside the Mothman Museum there’s plenty of random junk to pick up and stow. However, if you head to the counter with the cash register on it you can find a unique holotape called “The Mothman Cometh – Part 1.”

If you want to find Part 2 head to the south part of the town and look in the apartment directly across from the Point Pleasant bus stop. It’s on the TV cabinet inside of there. Additionally, if you look to the left of the Mothman statue you can find a note from Miller.

Is Mothman There

Sadly, despite basically being a shrine to the Mothman, the creature itself isn’t actually at the museum. Mothman is a random encounter that can happen in Fallout 76 out in the wild, and so far there doesn’t seem to be any indication of a way to make the encounter happen.

Of course, this might change once more players delve into Fallout 76, and we’ll make sure to update this guide if we find out a better way of finding Mothman.

That’s covers where the Mothman museum is in Fallout 76, which, believe it or not, is actually a real place in West Virginia. For even more tips and guides on the game, make sure to check out our Fallout 76 wiki.

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