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Darksiders 3: How to Beat Gluttony


Darksiders 3: How to Beat Gluttony

How to Beat Gluttony in Darksiders 3

The third Darksiders game isn’t easy, and that mostly boils down to some of the game’s difficult bosses. Here’s how to beat Gluttony in Darksiders 3.

Gluttony isn’t the last boss you’ll fight, but for our money, it’s the hardest one there is, especially considering that you fight him midway through the game when you’re not fully powered up yet.

There are two phases to the fight, and it doesn’t feel good when you die during the second phase and have to restart the entire fight.

However, once you know the mechanics of the fight, it becomes a whole lot easier. With some practice and patience, it’s possible to defeat Gluttony without taking a single hit.

Be sure to have the Storm Hollow equipped before entering the fight. Also, note that it’s best not to stand too close to him at any point during the first phase.

Gluttony will always begin the first phase by swinging his entire body around the arena three to four times. The first two will have the greatest range, so make sure you stay fairly close to the wall to avoid it.

His third swing will have less range and strike the ground. It’s a good idea to memorize where this attack lands, as you’ll want to preemptively stand about a meter away from it. When it lands, start attacking with the whip to get in some decent damage.

There’s a chance that he may throw in a fourth swing, which will land in the exact same spot as the second. If that happens, stop whipping and move back to your previous position. Once he lands again, begin the assault.

After this, he’ll likely stretch out vertically and begin spitting balls of acid at you. During this attack, you’ll want to constantly be dodging to the left or right. Wherever the acid lands, a puddle will be created, which will cause damage when stepped in. Try to have the acid land as close to the outer walls as possible.

Gluttony will use this attack a lot, and it can seem overwhelming at first due to the sheer number of puddles. Luckily though, there can only be so many puddles created at one time. If he passes the threshold, puddles will start to disappear.

A good tip for avoid running into the puddles while he’s shooting more acid is to exit lock on. That way you can focus the camera on the puddles, making them easier to avoid.

Now, if you’re standing a decent distance away from Gluttony, he will begin spitting acid directly at you. Here is your best opportunity to get in damage. Try to dodge the attack at the last second to perform an arcane dodge (indicated by the slowing down of time). At this moment, press the Y or triangle button to counterattack with a powerful storm attack. If you’re standing too far away, the attack will miss.

If you fail to get the arcane dodge, you can still press RT to attack with a much weaker ranged attack, but every little helps!

Staying at range, the only other thing to be aware of is when he tries to suck Fury in. When this happens, just constantly dodge backward to avoid it. When you’re about three meters away, press RT or R2 to do a little bit of damage. This is also a good time to activate Fury’s Wrath attack if the bar is full. Just be sure to stand far away before activating it.

Chip away at him until his health bar depletes to half, at which point his second phase will begin.

This phase isn’t so much a fight as it is a puzzle and is where most people will likely get stumped on this boss fight.

Gluttony’s pattern during the second phase will be to lunge forward with his head, attack with his tentacle, then, if you’re close enough, attempt to suck Fury in.

Make sure that Force Hollow is not equipped, as you need to be able to swim around in order to do any damage to Gluttony.

On both sides of the room will be some explosive rocks that will deal damage to you if they hit. Gluttony has to be goaded into swallowing these rocks.

So, first bait him into performing his lunge and tentacle attack and, if you’re close enough, he will begin to try and suck you in. After this, swim close enough to the rocks so they start to home towards you. Lead the rocks close enough to his mouth, and he will swallow it, taking out a good chunk of his remaining health.

Just make sure not to swim too close to his mouth, otherwise, you will be instantly killed and have to start the fight all over again.

Do this two more times to reduce Gluttony’s health to zero, and the fight will be yours.

And that’s all there is to know about how to beat Gluttony in Darksiders 3. For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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