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Battlefield V: How to Save


Battlefield V: How to Save

How to Save in Battlefield V

Battlefield V is out in the wild and players will be able to experience the game’s war stories campaign mode, similar to what was seen in the previous game. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering how to save in Battlefield V.

Things haven’t changed from the last game in the series. Depending on your preferences, this could be construed as either good, or bad news.

War Stories are back, and rather it being one long campaign, like what is seen in many other first-person shooters, you’re playing through a series of smaller short stories that take place all over the war’s various fronts.

Battlefield V takes an approach of focusing in on less “romantic” fronts of World War II such as Scandinavia and Northern Africa.

Saving in Battlefield V though is what you would expect. There is no manual save files, and you’ll be relying on an autosave function instead.

In each mission/chapter throughout the game, you’ll be completing objectives, and each time you complete one of these, and move onto the next, you’ll see a white circle appear in the right corner of the screen.

This symbol let’s you know that Battlefield V is autosaving and that you should not turn off the console while that is going on. Once it has gone away, you’re are clear to to quit the mission without losing progress from that point, or turn off your console.

There are other times, where the game autosaves but it’s a bit unpredictable. The safest way is to just wait to quit your mission once you’ve completed a major objective in the mission, or complete the chapter entirely. That’s the best way to be sure.

That’s all you need to know for how to save in Battlefield V. For more info about the game, take a gander at the latest multiplayer trailer, the most recent news on the status of its battle royale mode, and DICE’s approach to war stories this time around.

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