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Starlink Battle for Atlas: How to Do a Barrel Roll


Starlink Battle for Atlas: How to Do a Barrel Roll

How to Do a Barrel Roll in Starlink Battle for Atlas

Here’s everything you need to know about how to do a barrel roll in Starlink Battle for Atlas.

Ubisoft’s latest action adventure game looks to reinvigorate gamer’s love for space combat, as the gameplay in Starlink Battle for Atlas is entirely ship based.

As such, there are maneuvers in the game that only a spaceship is able to perform. One move is the iconic barrel roll.

Barrel rolls are an aerial maneuver in which an airplane makes a complete rotation on both its longitudinal and lateral axes, while still maintaining its original direction. In simple terms, it means that a ship does both a loop and a roll.

This move was made popular in video games by the Star Fox series, as the phrase, “Do a Barrel Roll!” is spoken multiple times throughout the series.

Along with including the Star Fox gang in the game, Starlink Battle for Atlas brings back the rolling maneuver. This move is vital to surviving fights, especially when used in tandem with the twisting somersault.

In order to perform a barrel roll, simply tap the A (if you’re on Switch), Circle (if PS4 is more your thing), or B (if you’re playing on the Xbox One).

Whatever direction your ship is facing when you press the button dictates where you will go.

These can be done multiple times in a row, even allow you to rotate sides. Mastering this skill is vital to helping you dodge incoming fire.

Just keep an eye on the energy meter, as this move will deplete it over time. If you’re caught without that, you’ll be in bad shape!

Luckily, though, energy automatically regenerates unless you reach the bottom of the bar. If you do reach the bottom, then there’s going to be a cool down delay on it regenerating.

That is all you need to know for how to do a barrel roll in Starlink Battle for Atlas. If you’re looking for more Starlink help, here are some guides to get you going:

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