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Starlink Battle for Atlas: How to Fight Wolf (Star Fox Missions)


Starlink Battle for Atlas: How to Fight Wolf (Star Fox Missions)

How to Fight Wolf in Starlink Battle for Atlas

Here’s everything you need to know about how to fight Wolf in Starlink Battle for Atlas.

Starlink Battle for Atlas is out now, and it features some exclusive Star Fox content for the Nintendo Switch version.

Star Fox and the gang have arrived in the Atlas system in order to find and fight longtime antagonist Wolf O’Donnell. In order to do so, you’ll need to complete a couple tasks first.

Shortly after their introduction, Star Fox is given a mission that sends them to Wolf’s last known location. After scanning a few things and fighting some outlaws, you’ll find the location of one of O’Donnell’s henchman, Cash Guavo.

“Cash and the Boys” is the first boss fight in this side quest, taking place at Cash’s hideout. Once you’ve defeated a fair number of his outlaws, Cash himself appears.

The main thing you’ll have to worry about with Cash is making sure you destroy the mines he drops behind him. Once you’ve defeated him, the next mission takes place on Tundria.

Tundria’s mission is called “A Frigid Feud.” Once you arrive at the Icebrig, a quick cutscene shows that Wolf has set a trap for you. Zonna Vangore is the next lackey you’ll have to beat.

Unlike the battle with Cash, Zonna’s boss fight is spent planetside in hover mode, as you have to fight her while also staying on the ground to hack. The easiest way to defeat her is to use Stasis attacks, as her shields are Vortex and Gravity based.

Finding Wolf in Starlink Battle for Atlas

After defeating Zonna, Star Fox reveals that Wolf has a big operation based out of Ashar. This will lead you to the Starlink Battle for Atlas mission known as “The Plan Revealed.”

Once you get the marker on Ashar and solve a quick puzzle, the final minion is revealed, Koval Grimm. Wolf’s last henchman is level 10, so you’ll need to level up according to your skill level and what difficulty your playing on.

The key to defeating Koval is to take out his guard probes. After the probes are eliminated, whittle down his shields and health until he retreats. Afterward, the group is contacted by Razor, who tells them they will get them the location of Wolf soon.

This is the first point in Starlink Battle for Atlas in which you have to wait for the next mission to unlock. In order to unlock the final mission, you’re required to progress further into the main campaign.

To be exact, Starlink needs to get a foothold on Kirite before you can complete the final quest in “A Wolf in Atlas.” Finish “Take Back Atlas” by rebuilding the alliance on Kirite to at least 50 and “The Fight for Corneria” becomes available.

“The Fight for Corneria” is the final fight against Wolf. After defeating outlaws and lowering two shield generators, you’ll approach his base. The three henchmen you fought before appear all at once, alongside more outlaws.

After you’ve defeated his henchman, Wolf states he’s simply going to activate the spin drive and leave. To stop him, shoot the weak points on primes attached to the ship. The primes will get sucked into the spin drive, preventing it from activating.

Angered that his plan is thwarted, Wolf finally appears. Using Fox’s Rock n’ Roll special ability is the best way to defeat Wolf, as his ship isn’t anything special.

Once you have achieved your victory, you’ll be treated to a special ending cinematic.

That is how to fight Wolf in Starlink Battle for Atlas. For more help, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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