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Starlink Battle for Atlas: How to Defeat Grax (Final Boss)


Starlink Battle for Atlas: How to Defeat Grax (Final Boss)

How to Defeat Grax (Final Boss) in Starlink Battle for Atlas

Here’s everything you need to know about how to defeat Grax (Final Boss) in Starlink Battle for Atlas.

The main antagonist throughout Starlink Battle for Atlas is a nefarious alien know as Grax. As the leader of the Forgotten Legion, he looks to conquer the Atlas system, outfitting his followers with advanced technology belonging to an ancient civilization known as the Wardens.

The majority of the interactions that take place between Grax and Starlink throughout Starlink Battle for Atlas happen during cutscenes. The final battle is the only true confrontation you’ll have with him.

This battle takes place in the mission “Battle for Atlas,” with the boss fight occurring after flying through the dreadnought placed in the middle of a shield. A number of different elements of cyclops appear once you enter the boss area, so you’ll have to switch between weapons if you’re having trouble.

Following a bit of monologuing, Grax finally appears in front of you for the first time in Starlink Battle for Atlas, operating a shielded Legion Scion. This final battle is broken down into three stages.

The first stage can be done hovering on the ground. All you have to do is dodge Grax’s two fire attacks, which are projectile missiles and a ground area of effect that can be jumped. He is weak to ice attacks at this stage as well.

Fighting Grax in Starlink Battle for Atlas

Once the first bar is depleted, Grax ditches his shield for a set of wings. Ice attacks are added to the bosses’ arsenal in this round, freezing you whenever they land. Alongside this, the Forgotten Legion leader’s fire attacks now cover the ground in lava, which damages the ships considerably.

Hover mode can still be used in round two in specific areas, but you’ll have to take him out quickly. If not, simply take to the air and keep firing ice-based attacks.

Flying is going to be your only option in the final stage of this fight though, as lava will completely cover the floor once Grax is down to his final health bar.

In order to do the most damage to the last version of Starlink Battle for Atlas’ end boss, combine ice attacks with stasis weapons. The most difficult part of this fight is that space is pretty confined, so you’ll have to do plenty of barrel rolls side to side and back and forth to create space.

A cutscene will cue your victory, as Grax clasps the Warden artifact until it falls from his grip. Once you start flying toward the exit, a ship darts from where you just took down the final boss. It’s Grax, ready for round two.

Grax’s ship is equipped with a powerful laser beam. This weapon is equivalent to a dreadnaught turret. His weapon isn’t stationary though, so its firing range is extremely wide and flexible. Honestly, he isn’t too hard to defeat though, as the ship only has a shield and pretty normal health and there is only one stage.

That is how to defeat Grax (Final Boss) in Starlink Battle for Atlas. For more help, be sure to check out our extensive wiki for Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

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