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Starlink Battle for Atlas: How to Use Toys-to-Life


Starlink Battle for Atlas: How to Use Toys-to-Life

How to Use Toys-to-Life in Starlink Battle for Atlas

Here’s everything you need to know about how to use toys-to-life in Starlink Battle for Atlas.

Starlink Battle for Atlas is an ambitious title. Alongside delving into the lesser explored pilot based combat genre of action adventure, it’s also attempting to bring back the toys-to-life feature.

Toys-to-life is best known for its use with games like Skylanders and Disney Infinite. In these games, players can buy physical figurines or action figures in order to unlock them in-game.

Starlink Battle for Atlas is similar but adds ships alongside the figurines. No matter what craft you get, every one of them comes with a grip, in order to attach the ship alongside the two Joy Cons.

Before you attach your ship, you’ll need to link a pilot. Slide your pilot into the front of the mount to connect them.

Next, place your ship right over your pilot. Each ship comes with a hole in the bottom. This opening is just the right size for it to be placed over each pilot, essentially putting them in the cockpit.

Once you place your pilot and ship into the grip, it will appear for you in-game, exactly how you have it in real life. This is where the cool customization aspect of things comes into play for Starlink Battle for Atlas’ toys-to-life feature.

Customizing Your Ship

Since the ship you have in real life is replicated in-game, this means you can mix together a number of different wing and weapon combinations. Even place them at different angles is recreated in Starlink Battle for Atlas.

In order to add other wings and weapons to your wings, simply snap them into the proper areas, located on the side of the ship and the top of the previous wing. While your figure will let you add as many wings as you’d like, the game will only let you two equipped to each side at once.

Keep in mind that pilots, wings, weapons, and even ships can be swapped out at any time.

The interesting part about toys-to-life in Starlink Battle for Atlas is that it’s completely optional. If you find yourself struggling with proper placement or not having the right equipment with the figurines, you can simply change this in game.

That is all you need to know for how to use toys-to-life in Starlink Battle for Atlas. For more help, be sure to check out our extensive wiki for Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

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