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SoulCalibur VI Gold: How to Get & Farm Gold Fast (Libra of Souls)


SoulCalibur VI Gold: How to Get & Farm Gold Fast (Libra of Souls)

How to Get Gold Fast (Libra of Souls) in SoulCalibur VI

If you want more weapons and items, you’re going to need some cash. Here’s how to get gold fast in SoulCalibur VI for the Libra of Souls story mode.

SoulCalibur VI has two different story modes, with one of them allowing players to create their own custom fighter from scratch. These custom characters can even use their own weapons and purchase items, provided that they have enough gold for it.

Moreover, you’ll also need cash if you want to conduct any expeditions to get to various side quests and battles. If you’re low on gold and need more, there are actually a few ways you can farm gold easily in Libra of Souls.

How to Farm Gold Fast

The first way to earn fast cash in SoulCalibur VI is by completing side quests in the Libra of Souls mode. What you will want to do is advance the story until you have enough gold to start the green medal side quests.

You’ll want to tackle these specific missions because they give you a decent amount of gold and some of the enemies you can come across usually drop a large sum of money. Grinding these green medal quests in Libra of Souls should net more than enough cash, and you can get more once you come across a town called Feendorf in Chapter 4 of Libra of Souls.

Upon reaching this location in SoulCalibur VI, head on over to the item shop where you can purchase food that boosts the amount of gold you get from battles. Look for the Lizard Tail (Superb Quality) and use it when grinding the green medal quests.

To use food, just press Square (or X on Xbox One) on the SoulCalibur VI pre-battle screen and look for the meal you want to eat. Make sure you do this before grinding as to not miss out on all the extra cash in Libra of Souls.

What to Buy in Libra of Souls

Don’t forget to spend your hard-earned money in SoulCalibur VI, as buying new weapons can give your character better stats. Moreover, you can also buy more food that comes with some other useful effects in battle. These meals can boost chip damage, recover HP every second, boost combo damage, and provide other useful buffs.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know to get gold fast in SoulCalibur VI Libra of Souls. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite and check out our expansive SoulCalibur VI guide wiki that’s filled with more useful tidbits of information.

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