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Fortnite Ghost Decoration Locations: Where to Destroy Ghost Decorations


Fortnite Ghost Decoration Locations: Where to Destroy Ghost Decorations

Where to Find All Fortnite Ghost Decoration Locations

The 2018 Fortnitemares event brought with it a few new challenges; one of these new challenges is to find and destroy seven different ghost decorations around the Fortnite map. Here is where you can find 10 of these ghost decorations.

This list of 10 may not include every single ghost decoration that there is, but it doesn’t really matter. All you have to do to complete the challenge is destroy seven ghost decorations in seven different locations. So, travel to your favorite locations from the list below, and you’ll be all set.

Each location houses several different ghost decorations for you to shoot, but you are only required to shoot one of them in each location for it to count towards the challenge. Be sure to complete the match, or there is a chance that your efforts may not count.

The ghost decorations look like your typical last-minute Halloween costume: simple white sheets with eyes.

This map will show you 10 places to head to in order to find some ghost decorations:

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Here are the specific areas where you can find yourself some ghost decorations:

  • Lonely Lodge – Just to the north of the name on the map. They can be found outside of the main lodge hanging from the roof.
  • Leaky Lake – Just north of the lake, hanging from the second story of a small house.
  • Pleasant Park – On the west side of the park. There is a ghost decoration hanging on a tree in the front yard of a house that also has a witch decoration.
  • Snobby Shores – There are a couple options for this one, both of which are towards the south and are quite close together. There are some ghost decorations hanging up outside a house that has a spider on the side. The other is on a tree outside of a different house with a witch decoration.
  • Greasy Grove – Again, there are a couple different houses to the south that contain ghost decorations outside. The easiest to spot is at the south-east at a house with a bunch of spiders outside.
  • Salty Springs – From the center of Salty Springs, head to the northernmost house. It’s hanging from a tree outside of the house with several spider decorations.
  • Retail Row – To the east of Retail Row, inside the shops next to a haunted house decoration.
  • Risky Reels – There are a ton of ghost decorations at Risky Reels. A garden on the west has some hanging from the trees and lampposts.
  • Fatal Fields – Hanging from the windmill in the very center.
  • Lucky Landing – There are so many in Lucky Landing that you can’t miss them.

And there you have all you need to know to find ghost decoration locations for the Fortnitemares challenges. For more information on Fortnite, be sure to check out our Fortnite Season 6 wiki.

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