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FIFA 19 Editions Guide: What’s in All Editions & Release Dates


FIFA 19 Editions Guide: What’s in All Editions & Release Dates

What’s in All Editions & Release Dates of FIFA 19 (Editions Guide)

Each year brings a new edition of FIFA 19, tweaking the gameplay systems and various modes of an iconic title. The game is so polished at this point that often those changes aren’t especially notable. However, this year could be a big exception. Active touch, tactics, and new shooting mechanics certainly do make a noticeable difference, and there’s also the final chapter in Alex Hunter’s story to finish off. We’ve been extremely impressed in our time with the game. And naturally, fans of the series are hugely excited to finally get their hands on the title when it launches next week. In case you still haven’t got your preorder locked, we’re here to let you know what’s in all editions of FIFA 19 and their release dates in this editions guide.

There are three editions of FIFA 19 that players can choose from, with each offering different content packs, and access to the game on different release dates. All editions of FIFA 19 include the game and some packs, but there are a few differences.

What’s in All Editions of FIFA 19 – Standard

For $60, the Standard Edition nets you five jumbo premium gold packs for Ultimate Team, which you can access once per week for five weeks. You’ll also get a Cristiano Ronaldo loan card and special edition FUT kits. The release date is Friday, Sept. 28.

What’s in All Editions of FIFA 19 – Champions

At $20 more, the Champions Edition of FIFA 19 gets three days early access to the game, which means they have full access from Tuesday (Sept. 25). Elsewhere, players will benefit from twenty jumbo premium gold packs, a Neymar loan card, and Champions league player pick pack. This lets you choose one of five 80 to 83 rated gold players from qualified teams.

What’s in All Editions of FIFA 19 – Ultimate

The Ultimate Edition of FIFA 19 is the most expensive ($100). It comes with everything above in the other editions, except you’ll get forty jumbo premium gold packs. You’ll also have access to the game three days earlier than the standard edition.

That’s all you need to know about what’s in all editions of FIFA 19 and their release dates. For more useful information and guides on the game, check out our FIFA 19 wiki guide.


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