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Dragon Quest XI: Is it Coming to Xbox One? What You Need to Know


Dragon Quest XI: Is it Coming to Xbox One? What You Need to Know

Is Dragon Quest XI Coming to Xbox One? What You Need to Know

Dragon Quest XI is the latest entry in the JRPG series, featuring plenty of new characters to meet and areas to explore. The story centers around a hunted hero who, along with his friends, must work together to uncover the mystery of his fate and stop an ominous presence that looms over the world. The game will be releasing on both the PC and PS4 next month, and Square Enix will also be releasing a Nintendo Switch version sometime after. That said, some fans might be wondering if Dragon Quest XI will be coming to the Xbox One in the near future.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Square Enix has yet to bring up the possibility of an Xbox One port, and it wouldn’t be all too surprising if they decide to skip the Microsoft console. Dragon Quest XI wouldn’t be the first game in the series to skip the Xbox One, as the series has generally released on both PlayStation and Nintendo platforms in the past. Still, don’t rule out the possibility of a port since Square Enix could eventually decide to release Dragon Quest XI on the Xbox One in the future, like they did with NieR: Automata. Whatever the case, we’ll be updating this post with further information once the company reveals whether they plan to release an Xbox One port or not.

As such, if you’re itching to play Dragon Quest XI, you’ll have to pick up a PS4 or get a copy on PC instead. If you have a Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, you’ll have to wait until Square Enix comes out with an official release date for the said console. If you’re grabbing a copy of the game, check out our expansive Dragon Quest XI wiki for some handy tips and tricks on the game.

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