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Dragon Quest XI: Where to Find the Soldier & Strategist (A Tale of Two Heroes Quest Guide)


Dragon Quest XI: Where to Find the Soldier & Strategist (A Tale of Two Heroes Quest Guide)

Where to Find The Soldier and Strategist in Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age has finally made its way to the west, and it’s come with a complete package of interesting side quests to match the world-spanning main story. In addition to the game’s main story line, which tasks a chosen hero and their allies with stopping the Lord of Shadow from dragging the land of Lotozetasia into darkness and despair, Dragon Quest XI offers players a number of different side quests to take part in should they so choose. One such quest is A Tale of Two Heroes. Here’s where to find the Soldier and Strategist in Dragon Quest XI for this quest.

Found early on in the game, the quest tasks the player with helping a prospective hunter of an elusive old book find the item they long for: The Soldier and the Strategist, a story about two heroes.

Completing the quest is fairly simple. On the map of Helidor, head down to the house at the bottom right corner. Inside the house, there will be a bookcase with a red book visible on one of its shelves. The player can examine the book, which will reveal it is none other than The Soldier and the Strategist. The player can then head back to the collector, who will reward them for their efforts.

Definitely keep an eye on the other quests within the game, these range from assisting townsfolk in their quest to find specific items and materials to battles with legendary creatures, to simply taking the time to chat with a few NPCs and uncover a charming bit of world building. Of course, these also provide the player with useful bonuses and loot, ranging from special equipment and items to hefty piles of gold. Definitely useful!

Dragon Quest XI is set to release on PlayStation 4, PC and the Nintendo Switch. For more on the game, check out our full review to see what makes this entry stand out not only among the series, but among JRPGs in general. For more tips and tricks, check out our wiki for everything you need to know about the game.

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