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Dragon Quest XI: Where to Find the Six Orbs


Dragon Quest XI: Where to Find the Six Orbs

Where to Find the Six Orbs in Dragon Quest XI

Some of the quest lines in Dragon Quest XI can be quite drawn out, seeing you explore many different regions in search of items and specific characters. At one point in the story of Dragon Quest XI, you’ll be asked to open the way to Yggdrassil by finding six orbs. Here’s everything you need to know about how to find those six orbs so that you can continue the game’s epic story.

You will automatically be given two orbs as you play through the game before you’re required to search for all six orbs. Once you’re prompted to start hunting for the rest, you’ll get access to the ship and will head to Nautica, the underwater city, as part of the story. As you continue along the path of the story, you’ll be given the third orb.

Next, you need to head to Champs Sauvage. Once you’ve arrived, head to the northern area first, L’Academie de Notre, and talk to the headmaster there. The game will then prompt you to go to the Eerie Eyrie, to the east of L’Academia. Head there, make your way through the dungeon and fight the bird at the top, where you’ll find the forth of the six orbs in a chest.

After you’ve got it, head south and go to the town of Phnom Nohm. After following the story for a while, you need to defeat the boss. You’ll be given the magical key that’ll let you unlock red doors once you’ve beaten him.

Then, travel to the Warrior’s Rest Inn and head west to the ruins. If you take the right staircase down, you’ll see a red door, which you can now unlock. Inside, you’ll see a chest that contains the fifth or the six orbs.

For the final orb, take your ship north to the snowy area and dock at the big city of Sniflheim. Sniflheim is the dock on the right in the cove in the northern area. Once you arrive at Sniflheim you’ll be barred from entering the main gate, due to the town being encased in ice. Simply head to the left side of the gate and follow the path up. Provided you’ve beaten Phnom Nomh, you can use the magic key to unlock the red door at the end of the path. This will allow you into Sniflheim, and to continue the quest.

You will need to follow the story events once you’re there and the queen of Sniflheim will eventually reward you with the last of the six orbs.

That’s all you need to know about where to find the six orbs in Dragon Quest XI. For more tips and trick on the game, check out our extensive wiki guide.

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