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Dragon Quest XI: How to Save Your Game


Dragon Quest XI: How to Save Your Game

How to Save Your Game in Dragon Quest XI

Having released on Nintendo 3DS and PS4 in Japan back over a year ago now, Dragon Quest XI has finally arrived in the west on PS4 and PC. The game follows the story of a wanted hero, who’s just as puzzled about his mysterious fate as the people who are hunting him. With over 100 hours of content to chew your way through, Dragon Quest XI demands that you save your game. I mean, who really wants to have to play through three hours of grinding up your characters or doing small side quests all over again? Here’s what you need to know to save your game and avoid this from happening to you.

It’s worth noting first and foremost that unlike most current games, Dragon Quest XI doesn’t have an autosave feature. Instead, you’ll only be able to save at churches or goddess statues out in the open world.

You’ll be able to find a church to save your game at every single town you come across in Dragon Quest XI, and these can easily be found by looking for the blue peace symbol-looking icon on your map. Head on inside and talk to the NPC within in order to get the option to save your game.

Of course, sometimes you’re going to be out adventuring, and more than likely you’ll be most desperate to save your game in Dragon Quest XI when you’re in a dungeon or about to face a boss. Goddess Statues are what you’re looking for here, and can also be found at campsites. Again, just head over to these, interact with them, and you’ll be given the option to save your progress.

That’s literally all you need to know to keep your progress in Dragon Quest XI nice and safely saved. For more tips, tricks, and information on the game, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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