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Dragon Quest XI: How to Redeem Preorder DLC


Dragon Quest XI: How to Redeem Preorder DLC

How to Redeem Preorder DLC for Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI is finally here and with it, traditional old-school JRPG fans and longtime Dragon Quests loyalists. By all accounts so far, it seems to be yet another excellent entry in the franchise that should excite anyone that is remotely interested in the series, or JRPGs in general. In the launch and preorder editions of the game, as well as the collector’s edition, you have a number of neat bonuses that you can download to give yourself a small boost throughout your adventure. Here’s what you need to know to redeem your preorder DLC for Dragon Quest XI.

Let’s start with the PS4 version. Depending on your method of preorder, you should have codes either in the box, or received them digitally through an email.

To redeem them, go to the Redeem Code section of the PlayStation 4, and enter the code as shown. After you’ve completed that, and any downloads/updates have completed, start up the game and load your save. From there, open the main menu, go to misc. system settings, and then claim special rewards, and that’s where you’ll find everything you’re entitled to.

For the PC version of Dragon Quest XI, you will either need to do one of two things. If it’s a code that you need to redeem still, open up Steam and then go to Activate a Product on Steam from the Add a Game section on the bottom right-hand corner. Enter the code, and you’ll be able to download and add your preorder DLC content.

If you’re checking to make sure it’s installed along with the game, visit Dragon Quests XI’s page from your Steam library, and on that front page, there will be a section for DLC/add-ons, and you can check and make sure that you have access to (you’ll see checkmarks next to it), and have downloaded all of the add-ons. If you’re playing the Digital Edition of Light, check and see if it’s already included with the initial download before searching around elsewhere. Follow the same steps as above in the PS4 section in-game to get your preorder DLC for Dragon Quest XI.

That does it for how to redeem preorder DLC for Dragon Quest XI. Make sure to check out our wiki for even more tips and info on the game.

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