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Dragon Quest XI: Is it Open World? What You Need to Know


Dragon Quest XI: Is it Open World? What You Need to Know

Is Dragon Quest XI Open World? What You Need to Know

Get ready to explore different worlds and fight dangerous monsters as you start your journey in Dragon Quest XI. This time around, you’ll be taking the role of a hunted hero who must uncover the mystery of his fate. Along the way, he joins up with a group of ragtag heroes, and they must work together to put an end to an impending force that threatens the world. One question some new players might have about Dragon Quest XI is if it features an expansive open world.

While there are definitely plenty of new places to visit in Dragon Quest XI, it still doesn’t classify as an open world game. Instead, it follows the same vein as every other traditional Japanese role-playing game, featuring different towns and dungeons scattered around the overworld map. Your characters will be moving across the overworld, and then entering towns and dungeons you can explore. It’s a fairly big area, but it’s not exactly open world in the sense that you might be expecting. Those who have played traditional JRPGS, such as Final Fantasy VII or the Tales series, should have a good idea of what to expect when it comes to exploration in Dragon Quest XI.

That being said, Dragon Quest XI is far from your typical open world adventure game. Even so, players will still be making plenty of discoveries as they make their way through a handful of different kingdoms and explore every nook and cranny each dungeon has to offer. You never know what surprises might be waiting for you at the end of a grueling dungeon. If you’re picking up the game, take a look at our Dragon Quest XI guide for some more useful tips and tricks.

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