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Dragon Quest XI: How to Get the Bunny Suit


Dragon Quest XI: How to Get the Bunny Suit

How to Get the Bunny Suit in Dragon Quest XI

There are tons of armor sets you can collect in Dragon Quest XI, and you’ll even need some of them to complete certain side quests in the game. The Bunny Suit is an outfit you’ll need for a certain side quest in Costa Valor, so you’ll want to snag this costume before anything else once you arrive in the city. If you’re having trouble finding the Bunny Suit, here’s how you can get it in the game.

You can get your own suit once you arrive in Costa Valor by first heading on over to the casino. To find the building, make your way down to the beach and you should see it, or you can open your map and look for a chip icon, indicating where the casino is. When you’re there, you have to get a total of 500 casino tokens by either playing some games or just buying the tokens with money. With your tokens in hand, go over to the prize counter and purchase the first item they’re selling –a guidebook on how to craft the Bunny Suit.

Once you have the recipe, you can head back to your camp and use the Fun Size Forge to craft the Bunny Suit in Dragon Quest XI. Apart from the suit, you can also craft the Fishnet Stockings and Bunny Ears, which are all needed for the next mission in Costa Valor. After crafting the complete outfit, have Jade wear it and you can take on the other quest in the town.

That’s basically all you need to know about getting the Bunny Suit in the game. For more tips and tricks on Dragon Quest XI, be sure to take a look at our expansive wiki.

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