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The Best Dragon Quest Games, All 11 Ranked


The Best Dragon Quest Games, All 11 Ranked

Few game series have the fame and wide spread appeal that Dragon Quest enjoys. An RPG series stretching back three decades with talents the likes of Akira Toriyama tied to its creation and continued innovations, it has entertained gamers for years with tales of chosen heroes overcoming untold evils with the help of lovable party companions. As with any series though, some entries proved better than others, and we’ve got all 11 mainline entries ranked from fine to phenomenal.

The Best Dragon Quest Games, Ranked From Fine to Phenomenal

11) Dragon Quest X

The first entry in the series to make the leap to the MMORPG genre, Dragon Quest X allowed fans to come together to form their own parties with one another, complete a variety of quests, and take on monsters new and old across the world for fame and glory. Not only that, but it allowed players to take full advantage of the expansive lore the series had built up over the years with a wide array of character classes and races to choose from. From chosen human warriors to powerful demons, angelic beings to magical underwater denizens, the chance for taking on a new role within the series has never been greater, and it can be easy to lose oneself within the title’s adventures.

Unfortunately, the game also saw the most limited release in the series, only available in Japan and now potentially in China. The reason for this has been said to be the difficulties multiple servers would present, and that Square Enix would prefer to keep the title contained to its already sizable audience in Japan. There’s still some hope for a port if demand is high enough, but it’s highly likely most will only see this title through online streams and lets plays.

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